Construction Starts on the Tide Barriers in Ponta Negra

Ponta Negra PromenadeGradually, the stones that will be used to form the protection walls against the tides are arriving on Ponta Negra’s Beach. The containment works, started last Wednesday 24th of April,are necessary to prevent the erosion of the promenade, as happened in July 2012, once fixed. The works are estimated to cost R$ 4.8 million in funds from the Ministry of National Integration and follow a schedule for implementation according to tide tables, in six-hour shifts. Work began at the most critical stretch of Ponta Negra Beach.

With the start of the work, Ponta Negra traders are hoping for better days. Ivanildo Pereira da Silva has worked at the beach for more than ten years and was struggling in recent months because of the poor state of the promenade which, according to him, scares away tourists. “I see that the City has a good intention and it may even improve, but the hope that this action will impede the course of nature, no one can predict. The last few months have been sad for us who work and depend on the beach as survival, because the destruction of the beach scared everyone away. I hope it to improve and we expect that in the coming months we will be  busier” he said.

The work is expected to take 5 months.