Historical Import of Construction Materials Indicates a Significant Level of Activity in the Sector

Cargo at Porto de NatalA historical movement of containers happened last weekend in Natal’s Port. On average there is usually around 25 cargo containers that arrive in the port over the weekend however, we saw an unusual arrival of 96 containers this weekend, 46 of them with porcelain brought by a single importer in the construction industry dealing with the local market.

According to Ricardo Amaury, the operations manager of Natal’s Port, 70% are Chinese-made products and the rest is made in Europe. “I’ve never seen anything like the volume of containers that  arrived in our Port with CMA / CGM,” he said.

But in terms of physical load, the fact is that the arrival of such a large volume of cargo is new to the port, which until six years ago lived only from bulk carriers and tankers carrying pallets, wooden crates with a capacity of one ton each.

For the president of the Construction Industry Union in RN, Arnaldo Junior Gaspar, the fact that so much porcelain has been imported, to target the local market and construction, indicates a significant level of activity in the sector. “It shows that there is a demand which stimulated a certain importer to invest in buying more aggressively.” he added.