Just 49 km away from Rio Grande do Norte state capital, Maxaranguape  Beach has one of the most beautiful landscapes of northern Natal coast. For  tourists seeking a more peaceful trip, and those who want fun and a great holiday, the Maxaranguape Beach is a perfect destination.


Here are some reasons why you should include this beautiful beach on the north coast of Rio Grande do Norte on your vacation itinerary.

Not only the coastal part of Maxaranguape region, but the entire city offers a natural spectacle for visitors. The sea is very calm and has clean, refreshing water, great for swimming. It is quite common to find many reefs along the coast of Maxaranguape Beach. This forms many pools along the shore, giving bathers even more fun. Barra de Maxaranguape is a peaceful place situated between the sea and the Maxaranguape River. There is also the sea against the river resulting in a perfect setting for photos. It is worth to take this part of the coast at the end of the day, on the cliff and admiring the sunset, which is amazing in Maxaranguape.

This beach is protected from the waves by a magnificent strip of sand, lined with coconut palms, its name is “Ponta da Barra”. This is a peaceful place were the waters of the river and the sea join each other. The formation of reefs on the south part, makes the bathing easier at the banks of the beach.

This small town lives from fishing and crafts, so it’s quite common to find boats on the sea always coming and bringing fresh fish for tourists. And for those who wants to bring little gifts for relatives and friends, there are  many little shops of unique products made by local artisans on the beach.

The entire region has accommodation options to suit all tastes and pockets. As for the restaurants and kiosks on the beach, there is also a good distribution. You can enjoy the natural beauty, take that relaxing swim in the sea and then eat delicious little fish and other snacks from the region.

There is also Ma-noa Amusement Park with some other fun things to do. A lagoon,Water volley ball, dune buggy rides, ponies ,a few restaurants and the snorkel dive platform about a 12 minute ride by boat. The platform is 7km (4.3 miles) away from the coast among the coral reef. Venture out to this amazing location and you will be glad you did. The Brazilian coastline will take your breath away as you relax and witness one of the most fabulous ecosystems on this planet.

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