Ponta Negra is at the far south end of the city and  it is certainly the most famous neighbourhood and tourist spot in Natal. When tourists think, Natal, they actually think Ponta Negra! However it wasn’t always like that.  Originally it was actually a small village completely separate to Natal. It was home to fishermen and other working people and the place where wealthy Natalese would spend the weekend (all but 10km from the city!)

However, around the early 1990’s the tourism businesses began to take over the area and today the neighbourhood is still growing. Ponta Negra has the nicest beach in Natal. Nearly 4km long,  it full of life with families, bathers, surfers and sailing boats.  It has good amenities: hotels, pousadas, restaurants, beach bars, little shopping galleries – everything the visiting tourist wants.

At the south end of the beach is the “Morro do Careca”, the most famous landmark of Natal, a spectacularly 120m high sand dune with a steep face that drops straight into the sea. The day starts early in Ponta Negra, with beach walkers and surfers out at first light taking advantage of the idyllic setting before they set off for work.  It’s a great place to spend the weekend or a holiday and is very popular with Brazilian tourists from the South.

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If you want more detailed information on Ponta Negra including our photo book of the area you can download it here.