Sibauma is small however there are big plans for the little place. As a little village there are already plenty of restaurants and bars to wine and dine at, the atmosphere and entertainment at the beach feels first class. However the most stunning aspect of Sibauma is its location right on the beach about 5km south of Pipa Village and what a beach it is!

It has been voted one of “Brazil´s Best Beaches” by the travel experts ‘Condé Nast Traveller’. At low tide swimming pools are formed on the beach thanks to the reefs and rock formations. These are perfect for families and children to play in as they are not very deep, surfers can brave the depths beyond the
reefs for some excellent waves.

During low tide it is possible get to either Baia dos Golfinhos in the south or Lover´s Beach in the north by foot across the rocks that seperate the beaches. Sibauma is a perfect location and situation thanks to its natural surroundings of beaches, cliffs, dunes and reefs plus the Mata Atlantica. The village  is poised to become a property location of high demand as more and more visitors to Pipa discover the location.

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If you want more detailed information on Sibauma including our photo book of the area you can download it here.